Pain and nutrition in cancer

Pain and nutrition

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The association between pain, nutrition and glycemic response in breast cancer survivors: a cross-over trial

Chronic pain is described as pain that lasts 3 months longer than the normal healing time. The incidence of chronic pain is estimated to be 50% in breast cancer survivors. In addition, chronic pain is one of the leading causes of disability and decline in quality of life, and chronic pain has enormous economic, psychological and social consequences for the individual, society and health institutions. The current literature shows that nutrition may be one of the factors related to chronic pain in breast cancer survivors. One possible mechanism for the relationship between diet and pain is the glycemic response. Examining a possible link between glycemic response as well as pain could provide information for further research aimed at (personalized) dietary advice to maintain sugar levels in people suffering from chronic pain. The main objective of this study is to investigate differences in blood sugar levels and glycemic response in breast cancer survivors with chronic pain and healthy individuals.

> CarEdOn primary researchers: Prof. An De Groef, Prof. Nele Devoogdt,

> Research partners: Prof. Jo Nijs, Brussels Health Campus, VUB (Belgium), Prof. Anneleen Malfiet, Brussels Health Campus, VUB (Belgium), Dra. Sevilay Tumkaya Yilmaz, Brussels Health Campus, VUB (Belgium), Drs. Omer Elma, Brussels Health Campus, VUB (Belgium)

> Funding: n/a

> Keywords: breast cancer, pain, sensory function, quantitative sensory testing

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