About us

Our mission

CarEdOn is an ambitious research group whose mission is to improve Care in Edema and Oncology by advancing biopsychosocial assessment and treatment. 


  • to excel as a research group by performing high-impact innovative research in patients with edema and in cancer patients/ survivors, across the full spectrum of care 
  • to communicate and establish a dialogue with (inter)national researchers, clinicians and patients, by engaging them and considering their demands and needs
  • to contribute to high-quality and multidisciplinary care for edema and oncology patients/ survivors by providing evidence-based training for (inter)national clinicians
  • to advice on policy making to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of edema and oncology care in society

Our vision

The research group CarEdOn believes that improving care for patients with edema and/or patients during and after cancer treatment depends on the groundbreaking science of today. This, first, requires better understanding of the pathophysiology of edema and the complexity of different side effects of cancer treatment. A second prerequisite is to perform high quality clinical trials investigating the effectiveness and efficacy of rehabilitation strategies in order to improve a person’s functioning from a biopsychosocial perspective.

Through their internationally recognized scientific expertise in the field of edema, pain, sensory dysfunctions and upper limb dysfunctions in particular, the researchers present themselves in an innovative way. The CarEdOn research team fills the unique niche of multidisciplinary cancer (after)care that focuses on the interacting complications caused by the cancer (treatment). The numerous major clinical studies, training activities and clinical work are a reflection of their (inter)national expertise.