Dr. Ceren Gursen

Ceren Gursen is physiotherapist and obtained her master of science (July 2013) and PhD (May 2017) degrees specialized in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Hacettepe University (Turkey). She worked as a post-doctoral researcher between May 2017 and December 2019 at the Women’s Health Rehabilitation research unit of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department. Currently, she is working as an associate professor at the same research group. Her topic of interest is on the assessment and management of primary and secondary lymphedema, sign and symptoms of lymphedema, the treatment of upper limb dysfunctions in breast cancer patients and/or survivors. Additionally, during her long-term research stay at Ghent University, she performed studies on cultural differences in pain cognitions and culture-sensitive pain management in collaboration with Prof. Meeus. Thanks to the Oedema and Pain-in-Motion group, she also had the opportunity to work with Prof. Devoogdt and Prof. De Groef in three studies on the evaluation and signs and symptoms of lymphedema. Besides the research, she is involved in teaching activities within the undergraduate and graduate programs of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Hacettepe University.

Institute: Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Women’s Health Physiotherapy Research Group, Ankara, Turkey

Contact: cerengursen@yahoo.com and ceren.gursen@hacettepe.edu.tr

Researcher ID: G-1232-2015

ORCID: 0000-0002-9204-8364

Expertise: lymphedema, manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, cancer population, educational interventions, cognitive exercise therapy, pain, upper limb function, sensory functions, physical activity