Prof. Nele Devoogdt

Nele Devoogdt is physiotherapist and holds since 2010 a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. During her PhD at KU Leuven she coordinated several clinical trials on the evaluation, prevention and treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema. In 2011, she founded a center for lymphoedema patients in the University Hospitals Leuven. Since then, she coordinates the interdisciplinary evaluation and treatment of patients with primary or secondary lymphoedema of upper or lower limb, of midline, or a combination. In 2018, the center for lymphoedema obtained the recognition of the Belgian Health Insurance (RIZIV/ INAMI) as unique Flemish expert center for conservative treatment of patients with lymphoedema. The same year, the center received international recognition by the European Reference Network as expert center for the rare disease pediatric and primary lymphoedema. 

In 2014, she co-founded the interuniversity group Oedema, organizing education in the topic of oedema in Belgium. Since 2015, she is part-time professor at the department of rehabilitation sciences at KU Leuven. Additionally, she is guest-professor in the European College for Oncology and Lymphology at Berekuyl Academy in the Netherlands. 

Nele performs clinical research in the domain of the evaluation, prevention and treatment of lymphoedema, developed at possible various locations in the body and because of various reasons (primary or secondary). She has a special interest in the clinical evaluation of lymphoedema, in imaging techniques of the lymphatic system and the evidence of conservative treatment modalities, such as manual lymph drainage and compression therapy, and of surgical treatment options. She (co-)authored >60 peer-reviewed publications, is (co-)supervisor of different PhD and postdoctoral researchers and has extensive (inter)national experience in educating students and clinicians and presenting at (inter)national conferences.

> Institute: Department of Rehabilitation sciences, KU Leuven and Center for lymphedema, University Hospitals Leuven

> Contact: or

> Researcher-IDAAB-3933-2020

> ORCID: 0000-0002-8117-7080 

> Expertise: cancer population, primary and secondary edema, lipedema, exercise therapy, educational interventions, manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, lymphatic surgery, pain, upper limb function, edema, physical activity, near-infrared fluorence imaging