DocDay 2023 @KUL

July 5, 2023

On Tuesday the 6th of June the second year PhD students of our research group were able to share their work with other colleagues of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences. We were asked to give a 1-minute pitch to capture attention from the audience and invite them to our poster presentation, which took place later in the afternoon. This yearly organized event is a great opportunity to come in contact with fellow researchers and to get to know other ongoing research projects in the field of exercise and physical activity in health and disease.

This year, four of our PhD students of KU Leuven got the chance to present their work via a poster: Dra. An-Kathleen Heroes, Dra. Charlotte Van Calster, Dra. Nieke Vets and Dra. Kaat Van Aperen.

Dra. An-Kathleen Heroes


Dra. Charlotte Van Calster

Dra. Kaat Van Aperen


Written by Dra. Kaat an Aperen