Welcome on CarEdOn.org

January 16, 2021

CarEdOn: joining forces to improve Care in Edema and Oncology

We would like to welcome you on our brand-new website. We are Mira Meeus, Nele Devoogdt and An De Groef and would like to present ourselves as a young research group with a special interest in improving Care in Edema and Oncology. A little history on how our research group came to be may interest you. Nele and Mira have an established track record in research and care of patients with edema and pain, respectively. While Nele her focus broadened to (after)care of other side effects of cancer, Mira got more and more interested in pain in cancer populations in particular. Meanwhile, An joined Mira and Nele with her expertise in upper limb dysfunctions (including pain) in cancer populations. Their complementary expertise in (after)care of primary and secondary edema and other side effects of cancer treatments resulted in more and more successful grant applications and a unique joint research line on improving care in edema and oncology. Therefore, we are proud to summarise here on caredon.org our past, present and future projects which may be of interest for researchers, clinicians and patients.


Mira, Nele en An