Comparison of lipoedema with obesity


Project description

Comparison of the characteristics of patients with lip oedema and those with obesity

Lipoedema is a chronic disease that is present in some women. These women have an overproduction of adipose tissue that causes accumulation of fat under the skin.

According to the European guideline about the evaluation and treatment of lipoedema has a woman with lipoedema the following characteristics: 1) unequal distribution of fat tissue over the body, 2) presence of pain in the region with fat accumulation, 3) other problems as heaviness, cellulitis, overweight, 4) functional problems (difficulty to walk), 5) often low self-esteem and 6) sometimes eating disorders. The European guideline is mainly based on expert opinion, rather than clinical studies. The characteristics of patients with lipoedema have not yet been investigated through standardized and objective measurement methods.

Some patients undergo liposuction of the excess adipose tissue to reduce the pain symptoms and functional consequences of the lipoedema. A clinical study investigating the effect of a liposuction has not been performed yet.

Therefore, the primary objective of this study is to identify the characteristics of patients with lipoedema and compare them with a matched population of obese patients without lipoedema. This will allow us to develop a clinical evaluation set for patients with lipoedema and set the first steps toward a patient-tailored treatment. A secondary objective is to use the evaluation set to collect pilot data for an efficacy study about liposuction in patients with lipoedema.

> CarEdOn primary researchers: Prof. Nele Devoogdt

> Research partners: Prof. Véronique Cornelissen (KU Leuven), Michel Deroma (UZ Leuven), Bart Van der Schueren (UZ Leuven), Sarah Thomis (UZ Leuven).

> Funding: Competence Center Physiotherapy UZ Leuven - KU Leuven

> Keywords: lipedema, pain, sensory function, physical activity

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Starting date
April 2022
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