Sings and symptoms of self-reported lymphedema


Pain, sensory dysfunctions, and body perception, in women with self-reported breast cancer related lymphedema

Up to fifty-two percent of the women who reported arm swelling have no objective diagnosis of breast cancer related lymphedema (BCRL) but so called subjective BCRL. It is indeed not clear from literature to which extent other signs and symptoms than arm swelling, including pain, altered sensory functions at the upper limb region and body perception disturbances are present in women with self-reported  BCRL. The aim of this project is to gain insight in the signs and symptoms associated with self-reported BCRL, in particular pain, sensory processing, and body perception.

> CarEdOn primary researchers: Prof. An De Groef, Prof. Nele Devoogdt

> Research partners: Dr. Tessa De Vrieze, Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences, KU Leuven and University of Antwerp (Belgium), Dr. Elizabeth Dylke, Faculty of Medine and Health, University of Sydney (Australia), Dr. Niamh Moloney, Faculty of Medine and Health Sciences, Macquerie University (Australia)

> Funding: n/a

> Keywords: breast cancer, secondary edema, educational interventions, edema, pain, sensory function, quantitative sensory testing



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